White Lotus Temple / The Master Said: / Part 6

The MasterThe Master Said:

To know the seeds, that is divine indeed. In his association with those above him, the superior man does not flatter. In his association with those beneath him, he is not arrogant. For he knows the seeds. The seeds are the first imperceptible beginning of movement, the first trace of good fortune (or misfortune) that shows itself. The superior man perceives the seeds and immediately takes action. He does not wait even a whole day. In the Changes it is said: “Firm as a rock. Not a whole day. Perseverance brings good fortune.” Firm as a rock, what need of a whole day? The judgement can be known. The superior man knows what is hidden and what is evident. He knows weakness, he knows strength as well. Hence the myriads look up to him.

– I Ching